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Challenge: "For the company Ahrend, you are going to develop a new concept that meets the needs of the flexible employee in the near future, think of 2024."

Taking advantage of sound absorbing materials and a clever shape that redirects noise upwards, Team.O is the workspace that allows teams to work together more privately.

Commissioned by:


In collaboration with: Antoine Dunand, Frederique Heller and Thomas Fischer

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The spacious yet compact interior allows for efficient teamwork, by offering a wide, connected work area and easy access to electricity.


The shape of the office is designed in such a way that the sound is directed upwards and outside the office, giving the user an quiet and echo-free experience.


The materials also help with the phonetics while also keeping the environment in mind. This is achieved by using recycled chip wood boards, cotton canvas and biodegradable soundproofing material.


Color customization makes the office fit in most work environments.

Parts of the process where I played a key role

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Market mood board

Setting a starting point for the project was done through creating a mood board with products of competitors from the same market.

Competition Moodboard.jpg
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customer journey

To understand the customers better, some interviews were conducted to create a customer journey map. There best and worse case scena

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Shape acoustics

Research was conducted

regarding the acoustics of small rooms, so that we can implement shape acoustics into our design. A lot of information was found on the site of the company Knauf Danoline.

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sitting choiche

We decided that the best way of deciding on the sitting solution that will be included, was testing already existing products and getting inspired by them. We tested over 20 types of chairs from 4 different locations.

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In order to facilitate a healthy posture,

ergonomics were taken into account, by researching about the optimal highs of tables and chairs. For that, tools such as DINED were used.

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To refine the final shape of our flex office, we started ideating, keeping in mind the whole time, the research we conducted until that point.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-25 at
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A scaled down prototype was created in the end to be presented to our client. We also placed a human shaped figurine inside to offer a better idea of the actual scale.

Team O Prototype.jpg
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expo presentation

After the project was finished, we participated in the university expo. There we had the opportunity to present our design to not only the client but also other company representatives.

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