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Side Projects

Here you can see some of the projects I did during my free time. Anything from one day projects to ones that took months to finish.

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An amulet that was made by casting some pieces of scrap brass into a coin shaped mold. After that it was flattened on an anvil and engraved.

Green Backround.png

A bracelet made by forging a round steel bar into shape using my homemade forge, 

a hammer, an anvil and a pair of tongs.

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A forge that uses gas canisters to heat up steel

and bring them up to forging temperature. Made using refractory bricks and welded steel.

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RC Car

A RC car that was created using a 3D printer and a laser cutter. Also contains various electronic components such as a motor, a speed controller and a servo.

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Animated Logo

An animated version of the logo of one of my university teams, CoastX,  made with Adobe After Effects.

COast X logo.gif
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Wood table top

A table top made out of real wood that fits the frame of the Ikea BEKANT table. Polished, drilled and painted by hand.

Table top.jfif
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CARd wallet

A quickly 3D printable card wallet that can be customized for any number of cards. 

Card Walet.jpg
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Fridge door handle

A replacement for a broken fridge door handle with easy to replace 3D printed parts in case of future failure.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-27 at
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Toilet Button

A quick fix for a broken toilet flushing button.

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A radio controlled  ice sled that is moved by a  propeller and that steers using a plane that redirects the air.

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Video game replica

A display replica of a rifle from the video game RUST. 3D printed then polished,  assembled and painted.

Green Backround.png
Vegetable knife

A small vegetable knife, forged out of a piece of truck suspension and some scrap wood. Held together with gorilla glue, brass pins and love.

Green Backround.png
Copic case

A 3D printable marker case that can hold 5 Copic Sketch  markers in a simple and compact way.

Copic case simple v8.png
Green Backround.png
coat hangers

A simple coat hanger that can be 3D printed in 10 minutes and that fits a common door.

Coat Hanger.jpg
Green Backround.png
Soap holder

A better soap holder that you can 3D print for way cheaper than any store variant I could find.

Soap Holder 2 v3.png
Green Backround.png
wooden Table

A desk made out of wood.  Having a support beam in the back to avoid bending. Cut, polished and painted by hand.

Green Backround.png
Splitting axe

An axe that was made out of an old and rusty axe head and a piece of drift wood.

Green Backround.png
Forge gas burner

An propane burner made out materials available at most hardware stores. Was used later for a steel forge.

Forge Burner.jpg
Green Backround.png
Curved knife

A display curved knife that I made for a friend out of a piece of old iron and a piece of dead wood I found in the forest.

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