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Challenge: "Design, prototype and test a smart object to make people aware of the smart technology and data collection in public space, in an interactive way."

The Aware’Oscope is a smart object that is able to react to the user input in order to create awareness amongst the visitors of the seaside boulevard of Scheveningen, concerning data collection, by encouraging curiosity and interaction, in a playful manner.

Commissioned by:

In collaboration with: Timo Bega, David Kabelitz and Andres Vasquez

Handle Rotation

Rotating the handles allows the users to zoom into different locations in order to get more information about the data that is being collected there and then.

Pole Rotation

Rotating around the pole makes it possible to explore your surroundings, see where data is being collected and point at a specific location that interest you most.


The extensive use of symbols when designing the interface was justified by the high number of tourists. This way, selecting a language is not necessary, as icons can be understood by visitors from most cultures and countries.

Parts of the process where I played a key role

Iinitial interview

Conducting an interview at the start of the project in order to get a better grasp of the public opinion on the way data is being collected from around them.

1st User testing

Conducting the fist user testing session, using a rough cupboard prototype, in order to test the intuitiveness of our user interface and  the handle  mechanism.

User Testing.jpg

Creating a prototype using foamboard and cupboard in order to bring the dimensions of our product to the real world.

Coding the ui

Using Processing and Arduino IDE in order to create a 3D textured sphere that rotates and moves around according to the physical input created by the user.


In order to control the interface using physical input, an Arduino Nano was  used and connected to a potentiometer and a magnetometer.

cable 2.jpeg
2nd User testing

Conducting a second user testing using a new wooden prototype with a revamped rotational mechanism that takes advantage of a magnetometer.

User testing 2.jfif

Sketching  the product to better define it and transmit our idea more efficiently to our client.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-25 at
CAD and Renders

Creating the CAD model and renders in various settings in order to present it better to the municipality employees.

Good things fest

The concept and some renders were presented at the Good Things Fest hosted by Thingscon, reaching the finals of the student competition.


Good things Thingsfest.JPG

Receiving funds from the municipality to create a functioning 3D printed prototype. This included multiple sensors and a bearing system that allowed it to attach and rotate around the lampposts on the seaside.

Smart@sea event

At the Smart@Sea event organized by the Hague Municipality, the prototype was presented to passerby's and guided tours.


20210611 Smart_Sea (18).jpg
Featured by ThUas

The Hague University of Applied Sciences decided to feature the project on the front page of their website and to write an article about it.


THUAS Website.jpeg
Smart City Next

I was invited to present the prototype at the Smart City Next congress in Dordrecht. I have spent most of the time talking to startup incubators and municipal staff.


Smart City Next.jpg
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